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Adjustable elastic laces,

the better alternative to shoes laces

Welcome to NoTyLaces.

Adjustable elastic shoe laces.

NoTyLaces® have been correctly designed to hold your foot firmly and securely in the shoe at the correct tension.

No more tying of laces or dangerous untied laces.

NoTyLaces are adjustable elastic laces, the better alternative to shoes laces, convenient, comfortable, easy to use. NoTyLaces® converts your shoes into slip-ons.


Adjustable Elastic Laces




Our Story

Revolutionary Adjustable Elastic Laces. 

After identifying that there was a need for an easy to use no tie lace for shoes, the founder of NoTyLaces spent considerable time investigating the different options of no tie laces  available in the market, finally settled on the adjustable lockable  elastic lace.  This allows for the wearer of the shoe to adjust the tension of the laces according to activity, tighter for running or high intensity activity,   looser for casual wear.

The product components are sources from South Africa and overseas and are assembled and packaged  in South Africa.

Since day one, we’ve been working tirelessly to offer our customers a quality product equally to a quality shopping experience.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

Free Delivery with SA Post Office 

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