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Instructions on how to install Notylaces elastic cord

  1. Thread the Notylaces elastic cord the same way you would have thread your laces normally, we have found lacing in the bottom over the eyelet, then thread the NoTyLaces lock using one hole per lace, with the lock  release away from the shoe.

  2. Then place your foot in the shoe and pull the Notylaces/elastic cord up and push the lock down to obtain a comfortable tension.

  3. Then cut  the Notylaces/elastic cord extending around 50mm from the NoTyLaces Lock so as to stop it from accidentally passing through the lock and cut the Notylaces elastic cord at about the 50 mm mark. Then melt the ends of the Notylaces/elastic cord after the knot using a match or a lighter to stop fraying.

  4. Attach the NoTyLaces end clip to the ends of the laces.

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